Meet the filmmakers

Producer's biography: Susan Walker

Susan Walker is a journalism professor at Boston University and a veteran journalist, producing newscasts, special event coverage, news Web sites as well as the Emmy award-winning news series Project Radon. She has worked at the CBS, NBC and ABC affiliates in Boston and produced independent video projects for companies such as Nokia and Hewlett-Packard.

Her documentary A Tale of Two Teens, along with the curriculum guide, teaches high school students about AIDS through its distribution in classrooms and Web sites in the United States and abroad. Currently, Professor Walker teaches a variety of television and online journalism courses at BU and is working on a book about the world’s first passenger jet. She has a master’s degree in history from Boston University and is a graduate of Brown University.

Director's biography: Geoffrey Poister, PhD

Geoffrey Poister has worked in the television and film industry for the last fifteen years on nationally broadcast documentaries for the PBS series NOVA and numerous independent projects. His just-released documentary Jazz Dreams has won three national awards in the U.S., and has been broadcast in Australia, Canada, France and in the U.S. on BET. 

His recent documentary, The Spirit of Hiroshima, won the Classic Telly Award, and was broadcast on PBS stations and featured in numerous national and international film festivals. He has researched and developed documentary programs for PBS, McGraw-Hill Publishing Co., and has produced eight programs for a documentary series aired on Public Television in New England. In 1995, he started Intercultural Films to produce films on cultural issues.

"As I am sure you are aware, there is an urgency to this work, particularly among an age group so vulnerable."

— Rev. Charles Stith,
former ambassador to Tanzania